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Online Fitness/Lifestyle Coaching

What is Seichō?

Hey I'm David Hammond and I want to help you attain not only an amazing physique, but an enjoyable lifestyle as well!


Why Choose Seichō Living?


Learn how to build muscle effortlessly. I will help you achieve that lean, strong physique you want.

Improve Confidence

Watch your confidence skyrocket as you begin to add muscle, gain strength, lose fat and function better in life.

Lose fat

Learn to lose fat in a simple, safe and effective manner while still eating the foods YOU want.

Boost performance

With your newly improved physique, increased energy, and confidence, look better. Feel better. Do better.

Gain Strength

Learn to increase your strength rapidly without experiencing burnout or fatigue.

enhance lifestyle

Now that you are working towards improving your physique, health and overall well being, Enjoy the rewards and have fun!

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, change your mind set or way of living, online coaching is the most cost effective route you can take if you are willing to put in the work.

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