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Create your greatest version.

What is Seichō?

Hey, I'm David Hammond and my mission in life is to create the greatest version of myself, and to then help all others do the same!


Why Choose Seichō Living?

Healthy Lifestyle

Learn to enhance your character by building priceless habits from this fitness/wellness lifestyle.

Build Muscle

Learn how to build muscle quickly and effectively.  I will help you achieve that lean, strong aesthetic physique you want.

Lose Body Fat

Learn how to lose body fat the proper way.  Keep your body safe while still eating the food you want!

Online Coaching

I provide expert personal online coaching to help you attain your goals, keep you on track and help you progress rapidly each week.

Proper Mindset

Learn to calm the racing mind through meditation to enhance your wellness as a whole.


I have been training as well as studying fitness/nutrition/wellness for several years and have learned that we all have different body structures, mind sets and lifestyles.  I know what it takes to train all individuals.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, change your mind set or way of living, online coaching is the most cost effective route you can take if you are willing to put in the work.

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