About Me

I want to help as many people as I can build an amazing physique while also creating an incredible lifestyle. I want to demonstrate how fitness/nutrition/wellness can enhance your life in ways not thought imaginable! 

My Background


Let's take it back a bit....It all began at the age of 8.. my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. As a young boy, this terrified me and it was horrible to see him fade. He died 5 years later when I hit 13 making it extremely hard on my family but even more so on myself as it left me now fatherless and without guidance.

The following year I went to high school and it was here where things really began to spiral downwards. I entered high school thinking I would've had friends and been "the popular guy" like I was back in elementary school.... but boy was I wrong. I was bullied, picked on, literally slammed into lockers and to make matters worse I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder called "OCD". Because grade 9 was so challenging, I decided to begin lifting weights in hopes to stop the threats from those bigger than me. It worked thankfully! But the anxiety from OCD only got worse... grade 11 eventually came around and at this point the anxiety was so bad that I had to stop lifting weights for 5 straight months. With nothing to do, I turned to drugs and with that I ended up spiralling downwards even further. I would skip class to smoke with friends, mis treat loved ones, "forget" homework, drive under the influence and of course continue to beat myself up due to my OCD thoughts. I was sick and tired of waking up every morning depressed and horribly anxious because of the 1001 things I hated. Something had to change...

Looking fit.

Surprisingly It was right at this all time low in grade 11 that one night while smoking with friends it hit me.....I ONLY realized then and there what I was doing and who I was becoming. I only realized then how self destructive I had become and I knew that if I kept up on this path that things would only get worse...so at that point I knew once and for all I had to make a change...AND DO IT QUICK! Immediately after this new realization I began to distance myself from those "friends" I would smoke with, and in fact drugs all together. I began going back to class where I saved myself from failing. I began going back to the gym where my progress resumed. I began taking care of my relationships with both friends and family... and finally but most importantly I began taking care of myself. I decided to begin seeing a psychologist to learn new skills to keep my OCD at bay. I wanted to improve my life in all areas and I wanted it bad. Self development was at the top of my list to say the least. As the years rolled on, my OCD would still continue to flare up here and there and life of course continued to come with it's never ending ups and downs, BUT I stayed focused and continued moving forward with self development, this to me primarily being fitness/nutrition/psychology/wellness. I did not stop.

The years went on and through the many mistakes/life lessons I've learned, I now stand today with what I see as a very impressive physique, much healthier mindset, improved confidence and overall better lifestyle. Of course I still have much learning to do and more challenges will inevitably come, but I am ready to embrace them with open arms and will continue to move forward. So with this, it was here where I created Seichō! Seichō is the japanese word that translates to "Growth/Development/Progression", me being half Japanese I thought it suited. This idea of growth is so meaningful to me because of my many struggles growing up, but my persistence to keep moving forward. I want Seichō to be a reminder to us all to keep moving forward regardless our challenges and to instead of run, use them to help us grow. With this I want to strive to help others attain not only an amazing physique for themselves, but an amazing lifestyle as well. I want all of us to improve our physiques, mindsets, confidence and most of all... life performance. I want us all to look better, feel better, and do better.

So..this is my story, if you've made it this far I want to thank you for sticking around. I hope to see you soon and I wish you the best!

-Keep Growing.