No scams or fads,
just results.

What's Included

Workout Program

A workout program tailored towards YOUR goals and schedule! The workout program will include a FULLY structured plan with the ideal amount of reps, sets, rest times and frequency built just for you!

Nutrition Program

A nutrition program tailored towards YOUR goals whether it's to bulk up or lose fat while still eating the foods you want! The program will take into consideration your current height, weight, activity level and more.

Cardio Program

Cardio programs given to you upon request if you are aiming to speed up your fat loss! These cardio programs are grounded in science to burn the most amount of fat in the smallest amount of time! 

Weekly Calls

Each week I will call you through Skype/Phone for us to kick back, chat and discuss how we can continue moving forward with our fitness/nutrition program! 

Personal Connection

When we talk over the phone, it's just you and me one on one. I want to talk with YOU personally so we can both work and connect at the most efficient rate.

Unlimited Messaging

We will have unlimited interaction! You will be able to message me through Phone/E-mail at any time asking ANY question. I will answer fast and will do so in detail!

Guidance & Help

If times get rough, I will be there for moral support. I am here as an ally moving with you on your journey. I do not see this as a client to trainer program, but instead a person to person program. I will be there to listen, learn and guide.

Supplement Recommendations

You will learn which supplements are actually worth your money and which can actually help you. I will be cutting out ALL wasteful and bullsh*t supplements!


You will see results 100% IF you stick to the program and stay dedicated like you are supposed to.


Murray Perryman

(190 lbs - 173 lbs) - 12 week Online Coaching

"Starting off I had no idea on what a macro was or how to count them. Training with David has taught me the great value of nutrition and how it can really affect your body positively. I am now 17 pounds lighter and feel great! I have much more confidence and feel like I'm now truly myself. Awesome experience!"

Faisal Aziz

(170 lbs - 158 lbs) - 8 week Online Coaching

"I learned so much thanks to David. I really didn't know about nutrition at all and wasn't sure how to lose the fat I had been holding onto for months. David thankfully showed me the way and for that I am super grateful as I now feel I can perform better in all areas of my life.

Faisal lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks following the "Warrior Program"
Keep at it champ!

Travis Crompton

(135 lbs - 160 lbs) - 12 week Online Coaching

"I was tired of being skinny and small and being pushed around because of it. As soon as I began training with David I noticed gains. I kept growing and growing and am now 25 pounds heavier feeling much more confident in all areas in of life. Definitely Recommend!

This is Your Chance

Now is your opportunity to attain not only the physique you want, but the enjoyable lifestyle as well. No more wasting money, time or energy. Let's make this happen.