Let Success Make The Noise.

All my clients have seen results and that is due to the truly customized programs specifically catered towards each and every individual. Will you be next?

Murray Perryman 

(190 lbs - 173 lbs) 12 week Online Coaching

"Starting off I had no idea what a macro was or how to count them. Training with David has taught me the great value of nutrition and how it can really affect your body in a positive way. I am now 17 pounds lighter and could not be happier! Awesome experience!"

Faisal Aziz

(170 lbs - 158 lbs) 8 week Online Coaching

"I learned so much thanks to David. I really didn't know about nutrition at all and wasn't sure how to lose the last bit of fat I'd been holding onto for months, this of course was very  frustrating but thankfully David showed me the way and for that I am super grateful!"

Travis Crompton

(135 lbs - 155 lbs) 12 week Online Coaching

"I was tired of being skinny and small. I was tired of people pushing me around because of it so I began training with David. As soon as I did, I noticed gains immediately and kept growing and growing. I am now 20 pounds heavier and feel more confident all around! Thanks David !

Andrew Hammond

(160 lbs - 148 lbs) 8 week Online Coaching

"After getting into the rhythm of things (tracking), I really started seeing results. I noticably lost weight progressively with great reassured help guiding me. Most importantly I now have the knowledge to cut down to low body fat levels again in the future for the rest of my life!"


Kareem Fawaz 

(158 lbs - 165 lbs) 8 week Online Coaching

"David gave me a lot of advice on how to effectively bulk in a relatively short time. He showed me a lot of delicious and healthy food options that were calorie dense and that helped me gain weight. This along with a great work out plan which had me lifting heavy with high intensity helped me increase my max weight on several exercises as well has allowed me to gain 7 pounds in only 2 months. Overall David has helped me get on the right track with my meal and workout plans and I have gained a lot of confidence because of that."

Joe Mendez

(140 lbs - 130 lbs) - 8 week Online Coaching

"This program is just amazing. I did the eight-week program and I am just amazed with the results. I started off at 140 pounds and now I'm down to 130 while still gaining muscle. I lost around 4% body fat and gained three fourths of an inch around my arm and 1 1/4 of an inch around my chest in muscle. I started out benching 135, and went up to 165. Also, I increased my deadlift, and squatting by over 50lbs. This is remarkable to me because I was cutting and I still gained muscle. Of course, I put in the hard work, but it was David’s guidance and his amazing program that helped me achieve this. If I gained this munch strength in a calorie deficit, I can’t wait to see how much I gain while bulking. I was a little skeptical at first to buy the program just because of how pricey it can be but I've learned over the past eight weeks that even if I did not accomplish anything physically all the knowledge I learned is Worth way more money but that was not the case. With David's help, not only do I accomplish my goal but I went way past it. David is very knowledgeable, he definitely knows his stuff. And my favorite thing about the program is how friendly David is. David doesn't work with you because it’s his job he works with you because he enjoys doing it and he wants to make a difference and help people accomplish their goals. He doesn't just make a program and give it to you and tell you to follow it, he makes the programs according to what you like and what you are comfortable doing. He also understands that everyone runs into roadblocks, so he is extra motivating and very understanding people's limitations and capabilities. I just finished my cut with David and I and astonished with the results. I never believed once in 1 million years that I would ever achieve this physique. I am more than excited to start my next 12 weeks’ program with David and start bulking."