Why I only eat 2x a day…


Whaaaat only 2x a day that's it!? What are you trying to do David, starve yourself!? This is the common reaction I get from most people when I first tell them about my eating style and hey I don't blame them! Oh and to to answer the question.. no I'm not trying to starve myself, I'm actually able to gain muscle mass and continue to increase my strength in all lifts while eating this way so let me explain why I do this.


What this basically means is that, it doesn't necessarily matter how or when you eat the calories needed by your body as long as you DO eat them. So let's say I need to eat 3000 calories for my body to gain lean muscle mass, it doesn't matter if I eat this 3000 calories in 7 small meals or if I do so in one massive meal. All that matters is that at the end of the day I reach 3000.

So what I've been doing myself for nearly 8 months now is divide that number (3000 let's say) into 2 large meals so maybe (1300 calories for meal one and 1600 calories for meal two.) So now that you understand caloric breakdown, I still need to answer.."David but why do you eat this way? What's the benefit of these larger, fewer meals huh?" Let's find out!


The first and biggest benefit in my eyes is time efficiency and productivity. Here's what I mean..so I wake up and don't eat for the first 4-5 hours of my day (intermittent fasting)

Then I break my fast and eat my first large meal usually around 1:00-2:00 consisting of around 13000 calories. Then I will go along with my day working or doing whatever needs to be done for the next 6-7 hours. I will then eat around 8:00 and finish off my calories eating another 1500-1600 followed by me going to sleep. Now the reason I set up my meals this way is because I DONT LIKE BEING INTERRUPTED BECAUSE OF HUNGER. I  don't want to have to stop what I'm dong to constantly eat every few hours. I don't want to have to bring tupperware meals with me everywhere I go nor do I want to stop at a food place just to satisfy my stomach. I like eating HUGE meals so I am full and am able to work uninterrupted for SEVERAL hours at a time, this allows me to work longer, harder and be more productive in the long haul.

the second major benefit of eating this way is limited to no fat gain, think about it, if I'm eating these HUGE 1400 calorie meals there's no way I can just simply over eat on that. It's pretty hard to eat those meals in the first place so over eating on them...ha I doubt it. Because of this I have been able to stay much leaner on this lean bulk than I have in the past (been lean bulking for the past 9 months or so now) and I wouldn't have it any other way! The next great thing about this in regards to limited to no fat gain is me NOT being repressed or having these outrageous cravings potentially leading to me binge eating. Because I am able to eat these huge meal I can eat basically whatever I want (pizzas, pancakes, burritos, sushi - you name it) and this takes away ANY craving I potentially have, leading to a healthier relationship with food and my body. yay!

The next benefit of eating 2 large meals a day is increased strength/muscle in the gym. Because I'm consuming these huge meals I am able to perform in the gym with ease. Going to the gym hungry/depleted/no energy? lol what is that? Eating these huge meals ensures I always have enough energy to perform at my peak which inevitably equates to increased strength and that then equates to increased muscle... BAM!


ahh yes yes of course I have to come full circle now and speak of the dreaded downside that will prevent us all from eating this way :'( (just kidding it's not a big downside at all) So the only one real downside I have found from eating this way would be that sometimes after eating these large meals you can get tired/lethargic. The main reason for this is because once you consume all those calories, your body now has to divert its energy into breaking down that huge meal, with this happening you then begin to feel tired which can of course be counterproductive to whatever you're doing.

So David how do you fix this then huh? It's actually quite simple, and that is to NOT EAT HUGE meals too big for you specifically. For me I notice my cut off point for calories is around 1500, this meaning my first meal will not be bigger than around 1500 calories because if it is I begin to feel tired/lethargic.  Now my second meal (the one at around 8:00) I really don't care if I feel slightly tired afterwards because at that point I'm usually just relaxing and winding down anyways. I'm usually asleep by 11:00 so it's not too far after.

The next thing about feeling tired with these new huge meals is exactly that...they're new. See once your body adjusts to eating these larger meals being your stomach expands, or metabolism increases, eating these larger meals begins to feel normal equating to not feeling lethargic after consuming them. Just like with anything your body will eventually adapt to the new stimulus... so after eating this way for about a month, it will just begin to feel like second nature.


Is eating this way for everyone? Of course not, if it was then we would all be doing it. Eating this way really just comes down to your specific lifestyle. If you are like me and you don't want to be interrupted by your constant hunger levels then eating 2 huge meals a day may benefit you. If you are someone who enjoys eating every couple hours because it matches/further enhances your lifestyle then bam so be it, that's the route for you! At the end of the day I believe your lifestyle comes first and fitness/nutrition comes second, I like to set my workout and nutrition schedule around what suits me best and not the other way around.

So that's all guys! I hope you enjoyed this article as well as learned something new from it, if you guys would like to see this information here in a different, more in depth light then be sure to check out my Youtube video down below! I appreciate you guys reading and I wish you all the best.

Much love, and Keep Growing.


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